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para bellvm's song "Sin" from album "The City Of Men" 2011

Voodoo Pictures production
director - Vadim Berezin
cameraman - Anton Rudenko
art-director - Viktoria Tribunskaya

Punch - Daria Petuhova
King - Juliano Di Capua
Devil - Pavel Trifanov
1st Lady - Olesya Kulida
2nd Lady - Eugenia Burakova
1st Man - Nik Potehin
2nd Man - Alexander Dyachenko
Little girls - Alya & Lina Novikova
1st Girl - Ekaterina Novikova
2nd Girl - Yana Burkovskaya

technical director - Nikolay Bondarev

para bellvm
Vladimir Burkovskiy - keyboards
Elena Novikova - bass
Leonid Novikov - voice
Andrey Strigotskiy - drums
Constantin Yudin - giutar

manager: Elena Osokina (clockorange.wife@gmail.com)

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Melb: The Conservatory Fri 25th February

 BluAfterGlow and Steampunkerie are pleased to present Melbourne's only regular steampunk nightclub, "The Conservatory".

Join us for a night of conversation, shenanigans and revelry as we take over the neo-victorian library lounge of ABODE's first level. Dress to impress in your steampunk finery and connect with your steampunk community! Relax and socialise in the lounge area or dance the night away on our dancefloor. Enjoy our "Tesla" cocktail or other imbibements with a complimentary $8 drink card if you arrive before the midnight hour. ABODE is a kink-friendly and queer-friendly venue, so you should be too to feel comfortable at this event.

Event listed at : Click here

Where: The Public Bar, 238 Victoria St, Melb CBD.

When: Wednesday, 19 January, 6pm - 11pm

A small gathering in December; here's hoping for more faces this month!

I won't personally make it there until 9:30 due to work, but I'm sure you're all capable of looking after yourselves

These meet-ups are a great way to meet new people and make new friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Of course, sipping a few brews with old friends is always on the cards.

It don't matter if you're goth, punk, emo, wtf-ever - the idea is to relax, have a good time, unwind and make friends!

The Night Markets are on just across the road, so there's the added incentive to shop!

Reminder (to avoid issues) : The Public Bar is a licensed premises, and as such the proprietors may block the attendance of children.

PS: As my work roster may vary in months to come, I may be looking for others to assist in organising/hosting this event. It really doesn't involve much, honestly. Turn up and drink and talk. How hard can that be?
‎1x GA muse ticket this tuesday, $100! Let me know if interested!

Hello there steamy folk!

Something a bit different happening this weekend in Melbourne you might be interested in: 

For the first time Omega is bringing some Steampunk Stylings to one of Melbourne's best alternative clubs, Sinthetic. Come along in your finery for a walk on the dark side..

It's a great venue with a welcoming atmosphere, and if we show up in force, we will be able to secure a steampunk-only night for ourselves in the future.. I've long wished for a regular nightclub event again and I'm sure I'm not the only one.. here's our chance to make it happen..

... hope to see you there! 

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Pre-release tickets for Euchronia 2010 have been selling like astonishingly fast-selling things! We've managed to catch some folks a little on the hop however, as certain corners of the Internet are only now learning that Euchronia will be happening again this New Year's Eve. In order not to disadvantage these benighted souls, we have decided to extend the pre-release period for one additional week.

Pre-release tickets which have already been purchased will be posted out early next week, and standard release tickets will go on sale on the 19th October - in physical outlets as well as online. Until then, pre-release tickets will remain available from the tickets page on the Euchronia tickets page, or from the Wildilocks webstore!

In other exciting news, the events committee of the Wellington ALTV are pleased to announce the inauguration of a new event in that fair city in New Zealand - extending the Antipodean umbrella:

Rogue will be a rather smaller scale affair than Euchronia, and will provide an introduction to the League's activities. If you are in or near Wellington, enjoy musical genres such as electro, '80s, synthpop, futurepop, industrial, goth, EBM and steampunk (though of course whether this genre actually exists is a matter of some debate), and would value an opportunity to shake out your steamy, goth and industrial finery, please consider joining us for the inaugural Rogue on November 20th, 2010 at Bar Bodega, 9pm. Entry is a mere $5. Those brave souls who survive All Hallows Eve's harrowing Steampunks vs Zombies encounter might like to share their tales and display their sartorial and armourial splendour. We would certainly value the opportunity to raise a glass in your honour!

Greetings fellow lovers of all things steamy & neoVictorian! It is my great pleasure to be able to inform you our very special pre-release ticket tranche for Euchronia 2010 is now on sale, and our first artist & attraction announcement is below.

Prepare to be amazed, as even this first round of announcements includes some incredible artists on the bill!

Artists & AttractionsCollapse )

Euchronia 2010 - Wired into a New World

"Is it a fact -- or have I dreamt it -- that, by means of electricity, the world of matter has become a great nerve, vibrating thousands of miles in a breathless point of time?" - Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Antipodean League of Temporal Voyagers is pleased to confirm that our Year's End celebration Euchronia will take place again this year in Melbourne, Australia on 31 December 2010. We invite persons of quality and taste to join with us in celebrating the dawn of 2011 in a pageant of sartorial and terpsichorean exuberance.

The managing committee will be delighted to entertain performance proposals suited to the spirit of the event. Interested parties are encouraged to contact admin@euchronia.com. The committee propose to provide additional details concerning the evening's entertainment, and to make a first tranche of tickets available for sale, on the 27th of September, 2010. (Additionally, League memberships will once again be made available from that date.)

We look forward with anticipation to the privilege of your company.
It's on people!! Cab Noc has survived 7 trashtacular years of all night party shenanigans and we think that's something worth celebrating - with a MASSIVE night of party shenanigans on Friday August 20!

In the dead of winter 2003 it all kicked off at a wonderful old place called Dream Nightclub. It had a fireplace, pool table, two dancefloors and possibly the seediest reputation of any venue in Melbourne. After a swag of venue changes we've hit on the perfect spot and we'll also be celebrating one year at the inimitable Mercat Cross Hotel. Two dance floors, a massive licensed smokers balcony, huge chillout room with silent cinema, pool table and ambient/experimental sounds, a fireplace and some of the cheapest drink prices in Melbourne. We love the joint!

SADLY this will be the last time we party upstairs at the Mercat!! A lengthy battle with local residents and the council over noise levels has resulted in an embargo on nightclub events being held upstairs from September 2010. So this is your last chance to party with us up at the Mercat before we make some changes in the springtime. Don't miss it!!

Featuring a mad lineup of DJ's including the three troopers who've been there from the beginning - Ayngell, Lobotomy and Tommy Rotten plus we welcome home from Europe Miss Aeryn who will be bringing loads of brand spanking hard EBM and Industrial back from her travels.

Also our unbeatable drink specials - $4 basics before midnight and $15 jugs of Snakebite, Sangria and Zombie Apocalypse all night long!! Arrive before midnight to receive a free champagne and slice of birthday cake. 

Friday August 20
Mercat Cross Hotel
456 Queen St (next to Vic Market)

Entry is $13 full, $10 flier/guestlist and $8 for members. Doors open at 10PM, 18+ ID required.

Iconic American gothic rock outfit fronted by Valor Kand, Christian Death, play their first ever Australian tour and only Melbourne show this August.

and are available from The Corner box office

Joining Christian Death will be legendary locals IKON and from NYC the amazingly talented Voltaire

With a career that spans 30 years of controversy, tragedy, success and rebirth. Christian Death are the seminal American gothic rock band. Valor, Maitri and Nate Hassan bring Christian Death to Australian shores for the very fisrt time, this August.

Australian band IKON has been creating its unique brand of wave music for eighteen years. Chris McCarter (vocals, guitar, programming) and Dino Molinaro (bass) began to write songs as high school students in 1988. IKON has been called “the AC/DC of goth” for its long-term success creating and performing music that rocks internationally from all the way Down Under. 2010 began with IKON supporting H.I.M. in Melbourne and will see them support Christian Death in August.

Direct from the underground New York goth scene comes this strange brew of Gypsy melodies, driving rhythms, sardonic wit and turn-of-the-century mayhem. Combining sepia soaked old-world melodies with viciously sarcastic lyrics, Wagnerian bravado and Brechtian allure, Voltaire brings his songs of love, loss, revenge and dismemberment to Australia for the first time this August.